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Worry Free Measurements

At Color Lux® we help you get the job done right! There is no need for you to lose sleep over getting your window measurements just right. Our Specialists offer worry free measurement services to ensure your window treatments are a perfect fit from the start.

We do however offer general guides for each of our products if you’d like to provide starting measurements for your dealer.

Things to consider during your first appointment

  • How do your windows or doors open? Into the room or out? 
  • Would you mount this inside or outside the frame? 
  • Can you reach the top of your shade? This helps determine operation type
  • How deep are your frames? This determines what top treatments you could get
  • What is your room used for? Do you need light all the time or would you like the light blocked?
  • What kind of privacy would you want for this room?

Product Measuring Guides

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Cellular Shades
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