Window Treatments for Odd-Shaped Windows

Specialty shaped windows can be particularly hard to cover. Some have smooth curves while others have sharp angles making it nearly impossible to find something that will perfectly fit. Color Lux® offers cellular shades custom made to fit your exact window shape. Below are a few examples of the most common specialty shaped window treatments we offer.


Starburst Arch Shades

With classic beauty and practical function, our Starburst Movable Arch is fully operable in a perfect half circle and can also be ordered stationary to custom fit the most unique of arch dimensions.

Sunset Moveable Arch Shades

This exclusive shade comes in a variety of tension cord formats so even the most narrow of eyebrow arches can be beautifully covered yet easily manipulated.

Trapezoid Shades

Made from one continuous piece of fabric without seams or distracting rails. A single operation cord provides full motion and can be pulled up into the angled portion of the window opening for a clear and open view.

Octagon Shades

This unusual window design requires a equally remarkable shade. Color Lux has shades to fit in both stationary and movable (up to the upper angles) formats.

Starburst Quarter Round

These shades add beauty and refinement to quarter round windows. Starburst Quarter Round shades can be ordered stationary or fully operational, depending on window measurements.