Did You Know?

Windows are the greatest point of energy loss in a home or business. At Color Lux®, we take our commitment to sustainable products and energy consumption seriously.

We Care About the Environment

Color Lux® is a proud member of the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, and offers numerous energy saving and environmentally friendly window treatment products. Color Lux® is actively dedicated to building greener houses, buildings and communities through our custom window treatments.

Our Sustainability Efforts

Energy Efficiency

Color Lux window treatments enhance the look of any room, but they are more than just a decorative element. According to the website energy.gov, “window coverings can reduce energy loss through the windows, lower heating and cooling bills, and improve home comfort.”

Minimal Waste

Since all Color Lux window treatments are made on-demand, we are able to carry smaller inventories of finished products than traditional manufacturers. That means we never have to throw away large quantities of outdated or unsold products.

Optimized Production

Our production on-demand capabilities allow multiple Color Lux orders to be produced at the same time on the same fabric rolls. That allows us to optimize the available fabric, leaving very little leftover scrap.

Solar Recharging

Our Simplicity Solar Panel harnesses the power of the sun to recharge the battery inside a motorized shade, eliminating the need for disposable batteries.

Efficient Packaging

Much like the way our shades are produced on demand, so are the boxes we ship with. Each box is made to specifically fit the length and width of the shade order, so there is little wasted cardboard.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Because Color Lux products are manufactured in the U.S., our window treatments do not have to be shipped to America from overseas. As a result, there are less greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transportation of our products.

Green Fabrics

Color Lux selects fabrics and materials with both consumers and the environment in mind. Many of our fabrics have been accredited with environmentally friendly certifications from 3rd party organizations. We provide safe and high quality materials and seek out fabrics from the world’s top fabric mills that contain non- harmful chemicals, odors, or VOCs.

Our Certifications

Below is a list of certifications that can be found on all applicable fabric and material samples.