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Getting Started

  1. Using your phone or a tablet, download and install the Color Lux Mobile App.

  2. Open the App, create a Username and tap Login

  3. Color Lux Mobile will then ask if you want to sync with an existing account or create new settings.

    Tap: Add shades on my own

    (We will cover the steps to share an account down below)

    1. The Color Lux Mobile will ask you to access Bluetooth® on your phone. It is necessary to grant permission in order to use the Color Lux Mobile App

    Tap OK

Adding Shades to your App

  1. You are now ready to begin adding your shades.

    Shades may already be in “Discover Mode”.  If so, available shades will appear on your screen.

    If shades are not in “Discover Mode”, follow the instructions on your screen to activate.

    Location of Reset button on Cellular Shades

    Location of Reset Button on Roller Shade Products

  2. Once shades are in Discover Mode, they will appear on your screen.

  3. Press the Test button. The shade will jog to indicate which shade you are communicating with. Press OK to confirm that you want to add that shade.
  4. Select the shade type on the screen. The App will limit your choices based on the motor type you are communicating with.


  5. When adding a shade, the shade must be placed in a Room on the App. If no rooms have been created yet, the App will ask you to create one.  Tap the + to create a room.

  6. Input a Room Name, then Select the icon that you would like to use for your new room. (These can always be changed later in Room Settings).  Then tap Save in the upper right corner. Tap Next.

  7. Input your Shade Name, then tap Save Name
  8. The App will now ask you to confirm the shade direction.

    Since the shade is already at the upper limit out of the box, start by tapping the Down Arrow to see if the shade will jog downward slightly.

    If your shade does jog downward, tap Yes.

    If your shade does not jog downward, try tapping the Up Arrow.  If the shade jogs downward while tapping the Up Arrow, tap No.  This will correct the running direction of your shade.

    Basically, here we are making sure that tapping the down arrow makes your shade jog downward, and tapping the Up Arrow makes your shade jog upward.  If so, tap Yes, and if not, tap No.

  9. After confirming the proper running direction of your shade, the App will remind you that Comfortex pre-sets the upper and lower limit settings at the factory. Simply tap OK to acknowledge.

    Limit settings can always be adjusted by going to Shade Settings after the initial setup.  See Setting Shade Limit section down below for more information.

    Once you tap OK, the Room Screen will appear.

  10. To add additional shades, up to a maximum of five per room*, tap on the Room icon to open the room. Then tap on the + symbol.  The App will walk you through the process described above.  (*Smart phones can effectively connect to a maximum of five Bluetooth® devices at once.  As Smart Phone capabilities expand, we will update the Color Lux Mobile App accordingly.)

    If you have more than five shades in a given room, you can create two Rooms for your shades, for example, create Rooms called “Living Room Right” and “Living Room Left”.

Rearrange the Order of Shades in your Room Screen

  1. Open the Room, by tapping on the Room icon.

  2. Tap on a shade icon and hold briefly, holding your finger on the shade, you can drag and drop the shade icon in a new location on the screen.

Controlling Shades Individually

  1. Tap on the desired Room icon to enter the room.  Then tap on the shade you wish to operate.

  2. The individual shade screen will open. Tap and slide the moving rail on the shade graphic to reposition as desired.

    You can also use the slide bar toward the bottom.  Or, tap the + or – buttons to move in very small increments for fine adjustment.  This is commonly used when setting precise vane positions on Sheer Shadings louvers, or when establishing a precise Favorite setting.

    Tapping the up or down arrow buttons will run the shade all the way up or down to the set limit.  Hit the Stop button to stop movement at any time.

    The Favorite button, shaped as a heart, will run the shade to the desired set Favorite position.  See Adding Favorite Position Settings for more information.

    For Top Down Bottom Up shades, there are two moving rails.  Tap and slide either up/down button to move that individual rail.

Setting Favorite Positions

  1. Multiple Favorites can be set on an shade.  To set a favorite position, go to the shade operating screen.

  2. Move the shade to the desired Favorite position.  Press and hold the Favorite button, shaped like a heart.  The Add Favorite pop up will appear.

  3. Name your new Favorite position and tap OK.

     To add additional Favorite positions, repeat the process.  Multiple Favorite settings can be set for each shade.

Adding a Scene

Why create a scene? A scene can be convenient for controlling several shades at once, and allows you to set the go-to positions for each shade individually; for example, when you activate the scene, one shade could raise fully and two others can raise half way. You can activate scenes manually by hitting the GO arrow on the main Scenes screen, or you can set a timer to activate the Scene.  So, a Scene is a convenient way of grouping shades.

  1. To create a Scene, go to the Scenes main screen by tapping on the Scenes icon on the bottom menu.

  2. Click the + at the top right of the screen. On the Add Scene screen, Name your new Scene and select a Scene icon.  (scroll down on the icon screen to see all available options)

  3. Once you have selected an icon (or photo) and named your Scene, you can start to add shades to your Scene by tapping the + button to Add Shades.

  4. Select up to five, from available shades, then tap Save at the top right of the screen.(Smart phones can effectively connect to a maximum of five Bluetooth® devices at once.  As Smart Phone capabilities expand, we will update the Color Lux Mobile App accordingly.)

  5. The shades that you selected will appear on the Add Scene screen.  You can delete a shade from the Scene by tapping on the red trash can to the upper right of the shade icon.

  6. Next, set the desired go-to position for each of the shades in your Scene. Tap on the shade icon to bring up the Set Shade Position pop up screen. Set the shade position using the graphic interface or the horizontal slide, then tap OK.

  7. Once you have set all your go-to shade positions, Tap Save at the upper right of the screen.

How to Play a Scene

  1. To play a Scene manually at any time, go to the Scene Screen and tap the GO arrow. Scenes that are set to a Timer schedule will run automatically as set.  See Setting a Timer Schedule section for more information.

Changing the Order of Scenes on your Screen

  1. Tap and hold the Scene icon of the Scene you wish to move.  After one second, a red outline will appear around the Scene.  Holding your finger on the Scene icon, drag and drop the Scene to your desired location in the listing.

Adding a Timer Schedule to a Shade or Scene (group of shades)

  1. To create a Timer Schedule, go to the Timers main screen by tapping on the Timers icon on the bottom menu.

  2. Toward the top of the screen, you can choose to look at a list of individual shades or Scenes to choose from to set a Timer Schedule.

  3. To set a Timer Schedule for an individual shade, tap on the shade to select, then tap on Add Timer.

  4. On the Timer screen, you can choose a specific time of day for your Timer Schedule to activate, or you can choose Sunrise, or Sunset as your time. The App will automatically populate your local Sunrise or Sunset time for your location on the day you set the Timer.  Your phone will ask you for location permission for this option.

  5. Choose which days of the week that you want this Timer Schedule to be activated.  Default setting is all days.  To deactivate, tap on the specific days you want to exclude.  Active days will appear dark blue, deactivated days will be gray.

  6. Choose your desired shade go-to position for this Timer setting by using the shade graphic interface or the horizontal slider. Once all your settings are selected, tap Save on the upper right side of the screen.

  7. When Choosing the Sunrise or Sunset setting, the App allows you to adjust the time up to 2 hrs 59 min past the Sunrise/Sunset.

    Please note: The Sunrise and Sunset time setting sets the Timer for the Sunrise/Sunset time specific to the day you create or save the Timer Schedule.  This Sunrise/Sunset time will not automatically adjust as the seasons change.  To adjust the time, simply open the Timer setting for that Shade or Scene, and resave the Timer Setting, after the Sunrise/Sunset time automatically updates on your Add Timer Screen.

  8. Set Timer Schedules for Scenes (groups of shades) following the same process we just reviewed for Shade Timer Settings, however, for Scenes, you have already set the go-to positions when you set up the Scene, so it will skip this step on the Timer setup process.

Disabling and enabling Timer Schedules

  1. Timer Settings can be deactivated, and reactivated by using the toggle switch to the right of each listed Timer Setting on your Timer Screen.  Tap on the toggle to change the setting.

Change the order of Shades or Scenes on the Timer Screen

  1. On the Timers Screen, select Shades or Scenes.  Then tap Sort in the upper right of the screen.

  2. Tap and hold the Shade or Scene icon. After one second, a red outline will appear around the Shade/Scene.  Holding your finger on the Shade/Scene icon, drag and drop the Shade/Scene to your desired location in the listing.

  3. When finished sorting, tap Complete in the upper right of the screen.

Changing Room Settings

  1. Tap on the Rooms icon at the bottom of the screen

  2. Tap on the Room where you want to change settings

  3. Tap on Settings.

  4. On the Settings screen, you can rename the Room, Change the Room icon or picture, delete Shades from that room, or delete the Room.

    It is necessary to delete all Shades first, before deleting a Room.

    If you want to move a Shade to another Room, you must first delete the Shade from the current Room, then add it to a new Room.  (See Adding Shades to your App for more information)

Changing the Order of Rooms on your Screen

  1. Tap and hold the Room icon.  After one second, a red outline will appear around the Room.  Holding your finger on the Room icon, drag and drop the Room to your desired location in the listing.

Changing Shade Settings

  1. From Shade operation screen, Tap Settings.

  2. On the Shade Settings screen, you can change the shade name, change the shade type (if allowed), reverse shade direction (reverse polarity), so your shade moves in the correct direction when you operate (used rarely), change limit settings (see Changing Limit Settings section for more information), manage your Favorite Position settings and update the firmware in your shade motor.

    You can also Reset the shade.  This will remove the shade from your App, but will maintain limit settings.  You can use this Reset command to remove a shade from your App and reconnect the shade in a different room.

Review Main Settings Screen

  1. Go to Main Settings Screen by tapping on the Setting icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. On the main Settings Screen, you can find instructions for How to use this App, view all the shades connected to your App and their room location, share your account with family members (see Sharing your account with family members section for more information) view Help section, Quit the App (exit) and confirm the App version.

Monitoring Battery Charge Level

  1. On the shade operation screen, to the upper left of the shade’s graphical interface, there is a battery icon. The battery icon will change colors as the battery charge level is depleted. 

    When the icon changes to yellow, you should plan to recharge your shade within the next few days.

    When the battery icon turns red, depleted charge is imminent.  Recharge your shade right away to avoid operation disruption.

    Once the charge level drops to 7 volts or less, there is not enough energy in the battery to operate the shade.

Sharing your account with family members

  1. Tap on Settings icon at the bottom of the screen to go to Main Settings Screen.

  2. The main account holder should tap on Share my account. The main account holder can choose to share using a local Hotspot or a QR code.

    Using a Hotspot will share all shades and settings. See method down below.

    Using a QR code, allows the main account holder to share access to specific shades on the account, and block others. (Example: share access with children to only shades in their bedrooms.) Timers and Scenes will not be shared using QR Code. Use Hotspot method to share all Shades and Settings

Sharing with a QR Code

  1. The family member should select Sync with existing account from the main Settings menu, and choose the appropriate sharing method specified by the main account holder.

  2. The main account holder will choose the shades to be shared, then tap Share.

  3. The Color Lux Mobile App will generate a custom QR code for the family member to scan with their phone/tablet.

    1. The family member should scan the QR code and tap OK. Selected shades will be shared.

    Note: only five shades can be shared per transfer.  If you wish to share all account information, choose to transfer using a local Hotspot (cell service is required).  Follow the instructions on the screen to connect.

Sharing with a Hotspot Connection

Resetting Shade Upper and Lower Limits

  1. From the Shade operation screen, tap on Settings at the upper right.

  2. Select Limit Settings from the menu and tap OK.

  3. Follow the instructions on the Limit Setting screens to set the upper and lower limits.