Control your shades with the tip of your finger.

One touch to lift or relax the mood. One touch for privacy in a pinch.

Control your shades with the tip of your finger.

One touch to lift or relax the mood. One touch for privacy in a pinch.

Countless colors for your blinds and shades!

Color Lux has reinvented the way you pick out color for your window treatments. That’s right! You no longer need to settle for second-best. Now you can find the exact color you want with over 800 colors to choose from.

Color Lux Selector Blue Color Sleeve

Custom Window Treatments

Color Lux offers a variety of window treatments for your home.

Customize your treatments just as you’d like, using the fabric, pattern, and operation type you prefer. With a quality unrivaled, our custom window treatments help bring a new level of sophistication and personality to your home.

Expert Services

Our specialists offer many design, measurement, and installation services. Your Color Lux specialist has the tools and resources to help you pick the best custom window treatments for your home.

Innovative options for


Simplicity Motorized Window Shade Remotes and Apps

Our motorized blinds and shades provide reliable motorization at an affordable price. Operating your shades has never been more convenient with several motorization options. Simply press a button and walk away while the motor does the work for you! Operate your shades from a wand and pendant, remote or mobile device with Bluetooth® wireless technology. With several options to choose from you’ll be sure to find the right motor operation for your home.

Color Lux Motorized Window Shades
Bluetooth operated window shades

Bluetooth® enabled product

Mobile Operation

Control your shades right from your phone without the need for a separate remote or smart controller.

smart window shades and blinds

Neo Smart App

Neo Smart App

Control your motorized shades from a phone, tablet, or PC anywhere in the world.

remote motorized window shades

Remote Control

Remote Control Operation

Control your shades with a remote control using radio frequency transmission.

Voice control motorized window shades


Smart Home Devices

Motorized shades can be integrated with Smart Home Devices.

Thousands of Options for

Designs and Collections

It’s true. Color Lux really does provide thousands of options. Many of our designs are available on Roller Shades. We also feature collections exclusive to Cellular, Roller, and Sheer Horizontal Shades. Uncertain which one of our luxury custom window treatments to go with?

Color Lux Fabric with patterns

How to Buy

Visit your Local Color Lux Retailer and set up a free design consultation. 

Color Lux Specialist