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Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Go green with Color Lux’s eco-friendly window treatments. Our sustainably made window shades and blinds help cut down on energy costs, saving you money while providing your home with a luxurious look.

We understand the importance of reducing energy usage. That’s why we’ve developed our Color Lux energy-efficient window treatments to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature in all seasons. Being both eco-friendly and cost effective, these window treatments help keep your home cool during the summer and prevent the loss of heat during the winter.

And while our energy-efficient window treatments are focused on high performance, they’re also adorned with style. Color Lux energy-efficient window treatments are highly effective while also providing your home with the comfortable, luxurious appearance that you desire.

Our energy-efficient window shades and blinds help moderate your home’s temperature through natural insulation, so you can cut back on running the furnace or air conditioner.

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