Window Treatments for
Black Window Frames

Custom Sheer Shades for Mid-Century Modern Homes

Have you recently renovated or built a home? Perhaps you’ve decided to upgrade your exterior with a fresh paint job and have the opportunity to try something new. If you’ve been paying attention to recent home designs and renovations, you’ll notice the latest trend that’s picking up steam is updating windows. Black windows were a staple in early American factories, and just like everything old that’s new again (shiplap, farmhouse, exposed brick), they are steeped in history with modern appeal. With the modern nod to industrial roots, it makes sense that the look is trending, yet many homeowners wonder how to pick window treatments for black framed windows. This is one of the biggest pivots in recent design after decades, even generations, of white window frames.  Read our guide on how to choose window treatments for black window frames.

Define Your Style

Any good designer knows that before you purchase anything for the home, it’s important to define your style. While these trendy new frames may be a “must-have” on your list, knowing your style helps in how to choose window treatments for black window frames. Black window frames are not just for modern or contemporary homes. If your style leans more traditional or classic, you’ll find almost any pattern or texture fits well. And you don’t have to be matchy-matchy with window coverings and go with all black, either. Surprisingly, the darkness of the frame can lend a light and airy look, rather than heavy and gloomy. 

Assess Your Light

When shopping for window treatments for black framed windows, you don’t have to choose the same selections for each room. Assessing your lighting needs helps discern the level of light filtering options and shades that will work best. We always suggest taking stock of the direction of incoming light for any new window treatment. This is imperative with choosing window treatments for black window frames as the frame itself already lends a darker look. Pairing dark shades works for rooms with plenty of incoming light, or for a more intimate, cozy feel in an office, game, or entertainment room. You may also like the seamless look of black window treatments with these standout frames. It sounds surprising, but a black cellular shade or blind can still allow plenty of light. This brings a smooth, contemporary look to the interior and exterior of the home. For a room that already receives high levels of daylight, these black window treatments add a seamless touch of elegance. Sheer, light-filtering shades are also a great option that fits any room’s light qualities. Soft window treatments such as roman shades, go with any style decor.  

Back to Nature

Mix modern black with natural wood fibers for a stunning combination for your window treatments for black windows. This looks great in any style room and especially adds a subtle layer to all-white rooms. Choosing a natural blind or shade comes down to the level of light and privacy when shopping for window treatments for black window frames. Many fibers filter the light and some block it entirely. Then, you can add linen panels to further naturalize your room’s look. Sometimes, a modern room needs a touch of natural softness, which wooden blinds and fiber draperies do beautifully.

Back it Up

Picking a curtain or drape is fun because you get to comb through patterns and designs to speak to you. Don’t stop there though! One important design aspect to consider when shopping for window treatments for black window frames is the lining. While most off-the-rack draperies and curtains have white or ivory linings, some may also be unlined. If you are seeking a seamless aesthetic for the outside of your home, avoid these options. Black linings on front-facing windows make sense when selecting window treatments for black windows. In rooms not visible to the street, you can be less stringent and save money by going unlined or buying non-custom. Privacy is also less of a necessity for back-facing windows so you can let your windows showcase themselves on their own. 

A wide variety of selections to pair different textiles that are inside and outside facing can be found online. Save time by shopping our designer’s inspiration collections to find vetted combinations of window treatments for black framed windows. We’ve seen some beautiful combinations and head over to our Instagram to check out more inspired looks. 


Trends come and go, but like classic white kitchens, brick front homes, and hardwood floors, we predict black window frames are here to stay. They look sharp and add a level of sophistication to your home. Whether you’ve already upgraded your windows or are about to start, we’d love to help you find the perfect window treatments for black windows. Click here to find a dealer near you.