Unconventional Window
Treatment Ideas

Custom Sheer Shades for Mid-Century Modern Homes

Do the window treatments in your home lack interest and creativity? It seems apparent that some of the traditional window coverings we have enjoyed over the years have become boring and mundane. It may be time to breathe some new life into your home by giving your windows a makeover. Give your windows a new, unique look by adding some unconventional window treatments to your home. 

Color Lux proudly offers window treatments for any size or style of window. With over 800 unique patterns and colors, you will have the chance to design some captivating window treatments. In order to create unconventional window treatments, consider exploring the products Color Lux has to offer, and don’t hesitate to mix and match. You might surprise yourself with a design, color, or pattern that you wouldn’t normally expect to love! 

If you are searching for inspiration, check out a few of our favorite unconventional window treatment ideas!

1 | Simply Change The Hardware

The good news is you may not have to completely change the existing window coverings to get a fresh, new look. Sometimes, less can be more, and little changes can go a long way. Something as simple as changing the hardware around your windows can make a big impact. The hardware you add to your drapes and shades can make a huge difference. You can choose to go with typical, run-of-the-mill options, or you can take the opportunity to get playful and bold with your window treatments. 

Sheering Shades in farmhouse kitchen

If you are looking to create an unconventional window treatment, take a chance and install a quirky rod like an oar, a piece of reclaimed wood, a tree branch, or even an industrial pipe. These various hardware options will add whimsy and lots of character to an otherwise lackluster window. Plus, you can save money by adding that rustic element to your room at the same time.

2 | Bring Your Window Coverings To Life

If you want to take unconventional window treatments to a whole new level, Color Lux can help make this happen. Ever thought of having a favorite painting, picture, or graphic as your window treatment? With Color Lux, you can! We have opened up a world of possibilities by offering custom graphic window treatments. With these, you have the chance to print almost any graphic onto your window shade. 

colorful blackout roller custom graphic shades in a kids bedroom

Imagine displaying superhero figures in your child’s room, beautiful outdoor scenery in your office or family den, or a fun fruit pattern in your kitchen. You can follow the pre-existing theme of your rooms or create a completely new vibe with your custom imagery. You can even add a logo to advertise your business and revamp your office space. The possibilities are endless with Color Lux Custom Graphics Shades. These not-so-traditional window coverings are a fun and totally attainable unconventional window treatment option. 

3 | Have Fun With Fabric

If you are open to using different materials, you can enhance your Cellular Shades with another unconventional window treatment idea. Window coverings don’t have to be made from traditional linen or plainly designed. Imagine hanging old-world maps in a home office or kid’s room. Or, if you are looking for a more vintage or boho chic look, consider lacy doilies or macrame as part of your window covering. Incorporating different mediums, fabrics, and materials is the perfect way to cover windows and grab attention. Options like these can be easily attached to an existing shade or curtain to elevate your window coverings instantly. 

4 | Forever Farmhouse

Do you find yourself searching for the warm earth-inspired feel that the farmhouse style can give the windows in a home? You are most certainly not alone. Farmhouse decor and window treatments are one of the most popular trends in home design today, and for good reason. 

Fortunately, farmhouse window treatments can be created using various prints and patterns. Color Lux offers many fabrics with different patterns and color choices to help design the perfect window treatments. If you are willing to take the risk and try an unconventional window treatment idea, a woven linen material, burlap, or old grain sacks make perfect window coverings and can give the room a farmhouse feel. You could even try bamboo or other naturally grown materials. 

Keep in mind that you never have to restrict yourself to just fabrics. Reclaimed natural woods or other recycled materials also work well when trying to add that touch of charming rustic detail- plus, they can be more environmentally friendly

Ready For Your Unconventional Window Treatments?

If you find yourself bored with traditional window treatments, let’s give the windows in your home the face-lift they need. It’s time to try out some unconventional window treatment ideas. If you are ready to take the risk and try something new, try one or more of these unique window-covering ideas to get the new, refreshed look that you desire.  

Color Lux knows window treatments, and we are here to help you think outside of the box and give your windows the makeover they deserve. Our mission is to constantly strive to improve all aspects of our business, including product quality, performance, and value. We are ready to help and support you no matter how common or uncommon your window treatment ideas are. Explore all of our window treatment possibilities today!