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How To Choose the Best Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

Is it time to renovate your kitchen space into the modern oasis you’ve always wanted? Maybe you have already chosen appliances, paint colors, and countertops, but now it is time to select accent pieces that will pull the whole room together. What’s the most important accent piece to tie any room together? You guessed it- window treatments. 

We know you have likely searched through every Pinterest board for ‘modern kitchen window treatments,’ but perhaps you haven’t found anything to match your vision. Fortunately, Color Lux is here to help!

Below, you will find essential trademarks for modern design, must-have modern features to ensure your modern kitchen window treatments are as functional as they are beautiful, and some of the best window products you should consider. 

Let’s choose some modern kitchen window treatments!

Essential Elements of Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

Remember Minimalism

Modern design loves minimalism and simplicity. That is why so many modern kitchens feature stainless steel, natural wood tones, and organic fibers. These beautiful pieces speak for themselves, meaning you don’t need accessories or embellishments to make your kitchen stand out. 

When it comes to choosing minimalist modern kitchen window treatments, it is important to keep these design features in mind:

  • Sheer shading effortlessly blends into your windows, allowing for muted natural light and privacy. 
  • Always favor soft, simple fibers like linen or canvas.
  • Lean towards simple, unembellished hardware when choosing your curtain rods.

close up of Sheering Shades in farmhouse kitchen

Highlight Natural Light

One of the biggest parts of modern design – one we all love to love – is highlighting natural light. The windows in your kitchen are an effortlessly stunning feature of your home. Why not increase their inherent beauty with the best modern kitchen window treatments?

You want your modern kitchen window treatments to work with you in making your kitchen feel more open and airy. With the right window treatments, natural light should feel both soft and bright, never hot or blinding. Perfect modern kitchen window coverings will:

  • Soften the sun’s glare, creating warm and muted natural light.
  • Operate seamlessly in multiple positions so you can determine the amount of light from morning to high noon to night. 
  • Make your kitchen feel bigger by introducing the best balance of light and shade.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

Being bold is a valuable option- but be careful not to get too carried away with it. Trademarks of modern design favor the bold use of colors and shapes to make a statement without drawing attention away from the room as a whole. You want each piece of furniture, appliance, or fabric to complement the other so that they create a seamless design when seen all together. 

This is why modern kitchen window treatments are the perfect element to deliver that bold punch and tie the whole room together. We recommend:

  • Choosing a color like sage green, turquoise, or lavender. Or, go super bold with dark burgundy, violet, or coral.  
  • Considering unique and dimensional shade designs like cellular shades. Or, consider classic with a modern flare with draperies that are made to fit your home. 
  • Make a completely unique product with custom graphic shades in an understated floral or natural fabric design. 

Modern Also Means More Convenient for Your Life

Choosing the best modern kitchen window treatments is not all about aesthetics, though. Modern home features should also meet the needs of your life when it comes to convenience, energy efficiency, and privacy. These must-have features will ensure your modern kitchen window treatments are easy-to-use and help keep your home comfortable, all while ensuring your kitchen feels like the oasis it should be. 

Motorized Shades Increase Convenience

Welcome to the future! Motorized shades and window treatments are an investment you will not regret. Through a smartphone app or remote, you can easily operate your motorized blinds and shades. This means controlling all the natural lighting in your kitchen – and your entire home – all from one place. You can even set daily timers. No more struggling with blinds or worrying about dangling cords around your children with the convenience of motorized shades. After all, what‘s more modern than technology? 

Keep Your Kitchen Comfortable with Energy Efficient Products

If you live in a portion of the country that annually reaches 90+ degrees, you know how important it is to maintain good energy efficiency for your home – in any way you can. You also know that the kitchen is known for reaching the highest temperatures as you operate the stove and oven during the summer months. Energy-efficient modern kitchen window treatments are made to keep your home cool in the summer and prevent heat loss in the winter. Make your modern kitchen cool, comfortable, and stylish year-round with energy-efficient window shades and blinds. 

Enhanced Privacy Makes Your Kitchen a Safe Place

Do you live in a crowded suburb or a busy city? Then we don’t have to tell you how important it is to maintain your home’s privacy. However, you don’t want to sacrifice natural light or the structural beauty of your windows to accomplish this. That’s why it’s important that your kitchen window shades provide a great balance of privacy, style, and functionality. Consider privacy window treatments like sheer or cellular shades that provide a blackout function or motorized shades set to close at night. 

Remember, a modern kitchen isn’t only about the look. Functionality, benefits, and technology are all aspects of creating the perfect modern kitchen! 

Our Recommendations to Enhance the Modern Look of Your Kitchen

With so many materials, designs, and customizations available for modern kitchen window treatments, how can you choose what will best suit your home? We’ve discussed desirable styles and features to create a modern feel, but what specific products can achieve these goals?

Sheer Shades

You can’t beat the minimalistic beauty and simplicity of sheer shades. They blend seamlessly with existing window treatments and provide the best of both worlds by ensuring natural light and privacy. Sheer shades are also a beautiful solution for modern kitchen window coverings because they check off every modern living must-have: energy efficiency, motorization, full customization, and privacy.

Sheering Shades in farmhouse kitchen

Complete the Look of Your Modern Kitchen with Custom Window Treatments

When searching for your perfect kitchen window treatments, remember these tips for modern design:

  • Favor simple lines, minimal embellishments, and bold color choices.
  • Highlight the natural light in your kitchen with sheer shades or motorized functions to emphasize light at different parts of the day.
  • Remember that modern means functional above all else, so invest in motorization, energy-efficient materials, and privacy features. 
  • Consider products like cellular shades & sheer shades for fool-proof modern window treatments. 

Now that you know the hallmarks of modern kitchen window treatments, are you ready to choose the best ones for your home? Trust Color Lux to provide industry-leading products backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Our window shades are custom-made to meet the needs of your home; they are not a one-size-fits-all solution that you’ll be forced to make work. Explore our options and let us know how we can help you choose the best modern kitchen window coverings to elevate the beauty of your kitchen or living space.