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Window Treatments

Color Lux custom sheer shades

Have you been thinking about updating your home? While you’re browsing furniture sites and home design blogs, pay close attention to the windows. You’ll notice that contemporary window treatments are featured in most of the inspirational shots. While the terms “modern” and “contemporary” sound interchangeable, they do have differences. If you’re wondering exactly, “what are contemporary window treatments,” read on. We’ll explore the difference and offer contemporary and modern window treatment ideas.

Contemporary really reflects the style of the times as they are currently, while modern has a unique and streamlined aesthetic. Think no frills, hidden mechanisms, and a look that blends into the surroundings. When thinking of the currently trending mid-century modern look, you’ll notice that it’s both modern and contemporary, just like it was in the 1960’s. And today’s truly modern look is less harsh and cold than the modern trends of the 1980’s (think less chrome and neon, more subdued neutrals and stone). Any home magazine or design blog today will highlight paneless windows, large expanses of white space, and lots of natural stone, brick, and wood. Many modern homeowners like to show off these beautiful large windows as the “eyes” of the house. Selecting a seamless and complementary window treatment affords them the privacy and light control they need, with the modern aesthetic that they desire. 

The good news is that no matter your style preferences, there are tons of contemporary window treatments available. Whether you like neutrals, colors, or patterns, you’ll find a suitable choice that

seamlessly blends into your decor. That’s really the goal with both modern window treatment ideas and contemporary window treatments– to enhance and not detract from your hard-working interior design. 

Clean, white blinds and shades are timeless, and go with just about any room. So, too, do darker shades like black and charcoal. You can blend in with your window sashes by matching the color and creating a seamless look, or contrast for something more striking. Choosing roller shades means you’ll get a twenty-first-century look that provides functionality and cohesive style. Because of their simple yet adaptable aesthetic, they make great window treatments for modern and contemporary homes. Sheer shadings also make a great choice for a bedroom or living room. They offer soft layers of sheer and opaque fabrics, to let in light like a blind, or fully closed, like a shade. 

If you’ve never had panel track shades, you’ll love their simplistic and uniform look that ties rooms together in a contemporary aesthetic. With the ability to easily slide open and closed, the panel track shades we feature come in over 800 colors, have many patterns and textures, and are offered in a variety of opacity levels from screen to blackout. They work well on sliding glass and French doors as well as any window.

Many modern homes have unique-shaped windows making selecting standard size window treatments difficult. Not to worry; Color Lux has custom shades for any modern window treatment ideas you can think of.  Tall or floor-to-ceiling windows that are popular with new home builders require a custom covering to offer privacy, light control, as well as climate control. Plus, with more homes being built with large, paneless windows, contemporary window treatments like these are a great choice. 

How about curtains and drapes for the modern or contemporary home? Drapes might carry an image of “Gone With the Wind” ornate and fussy style, but today’s modern draperies are refined and sophisticated. They make an excellent and long-lasting option for contemporary window treatments that keep heat and chill out while offering drama for those tall windows. Choose from a variety of contemporary patterns or keep it simple with a solid color or texture. 

For the ultimate in modern and contemporary window treatments, turn towards motorized shades. You’ll love the convenience of programming light and privacy control from our Color Lux Mobile app using Bluetooth® wireless technology, or with the touch of a button with our wand or remote control options.

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Whether you’re in the market for Cellular Shades, Roller Shades, Sheer Shadings, or something else, Color Lux has got you covered. Don’t invest in redecorating in a contemporary aesthetic without paying good attention to your windows. Your modern home design will be enhanced with custom window coverings that blend with your overall contemporary decor. When you’re ready to dress up your windows, click here to find a dealer near you. We look forward to working with you.