Home Office Window
Treatment Ideas

Roller Shades for the home office

In today’s world, working from home seems to be the new norm for many of us. In order to be successful during this paradigm shift, it’s important to create a productive workspace that will motivate and inspire you. The concept of a home office has definitely evolved over the last few years. No matter the size of the workspace in your home, it is possible to create the right atmosphere in your home office to keep you focused and energized to get the job done.  You may already have the right furniture and decor, but what about the windows? Color Lux can help guide you to find just the right home office window treatments for your workspace.

Working from Home

If you have pivoted to working from home like many people have, there is no reason why you can’t create the ideal workspace for yourself.  When you have the right atmosphere in your home office, you will be motivated to get the job done! When you begin each workday, you should feel good about entering your office space. This space should be inviting and well-lit. Natural light and the perfect window treatments will help to keep your workspace comfortable and productive. They both play a role in the productivity of your home office space. Color Lux offers several home office window treatment ideas for any size workspace in your home.

Window Treatments for the Home Office

Shades are known to be a very traditional type of window treatment that are sure to enhance the stylish look of any home office. Color Lux offers a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors. There are also several choices of stylish hardware to choose from that will compliment any type of shade. Using shades as window treatments for your home office will add warmth and a sense of calmness to your workspace. 

Roman shades on your windows will help to give your home office a classic or contemporary look. When deciding on the fabric or style choice, keep in mind the amount of natural light filtering through the room. This light can be controlled based on the colors and linings that you choose when personalizing your Roman shades. We also have motorized blind and shades that are quieter than ever before. They are easy to operate, safe for children, environmentally friendly, and allow you to open and close your shades conveniently and quietly at the touch of a button. Having a quiet space to focus is a must for home workspaces, making these Roman shades and motorized shades ideal home office window treatment options.

Roller Shades would be another great choice of window treatment for any size window in your home office. They will minimize the glare from the natural light and, therefore, can help reduce eyestrain. Color Lux offers roller shades in several natural textures and color choices. Roller shades have stylish hardware and are easy to install. 

Panel Track Shades are beneficial if you find yourself creating your home office in a corner of the living room or dining area in your home.  These coverings are ideal for larger openings such as sliding doors, french doors, or floor-to-ceiling windows. There are a number of colors and styles to match the decor of your home and personalize your daily office space. Panel track shades are also commonly used as room dividers if your goal is to design a small workspace within a larger room in your home. 


Using blinds or shutters as home office window treatments adds value to any home.  They are very versatile and energy-efficient. They can keep the energy cost down and allow you to filter the natural light throughout the room. They are a perfect option for your home office window treatment because they can let in tons of natural light or be room darkening, so you can adjust depending on your work needs and preferences. Additionally, the upscale look they provide will make entering the workspace even more special. 

Drapes or Curtains

Custom drapes and curtains might be the perfect window treatment for your home office. It does not matter if your windows are large or very tall, these classic window treatments work well in almost any type of window. You are also able to control the amount of privacy while elevating the design of your workspace.

 Specialty Shaped Window Treatments

Are the windows in your home office oddly shaped? Or maybe hard to reach? No matter what your home office windows look like, Color Lux offers several unique window treatment solutions for any window. Your workspace should be comfortable and calming. You will be able to stay focused and be productive with just the right home office window treatments. With Color Lux, you never have to worry about finding the perfect home office window treatments for any window and any space in your home. 

Child-Safe Window Treatments

Many companies have allowed employees to continue to work from home. However,  working from home may also include having your children at home. To help with safety issues, Color Lux has designed several child-safe window treatments. There are many cordless products you can use for your home office window treatments designed to prevent accidental injury. Creating that ultra-safe environment in the home office is a top priority for Color Lux. As always, we are here to create a safe, calming environment with window treatments that fulfill every need – including safety for your little ones.

Energy Efficient

Saving money and helping the environment are two very important benefits of adding energy-efficient home office window treatments. Color Lux is committed to using sustainable materials when creating window treatments. These materials are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. They help control the temperatures during any season of the year and look very stylish at the same time. Color Lux energy-efficient window treatments will provide your home office with the comfort and luxury you deserve. 

Working From Home Just Got Better

So when you decorate your home office workspace, don’t skip the windows! Home office window treatments are critical to creating the perfect space. 

No matter the size or style of your home office, the perfect window treatment will complete the space. Keep in mind the color scheme, style, fabric, or size of the window when deciding which window treatment is best. Color Lux offers a variety of choices depending on the size and style of your home office windows, so be sure to explore them all today!

Working from home can be a challenge. We have been experiencing this paradigm shift for a while now,  and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Creating the perfect home office space is a great way to enjoy working from home while remaining efficient and effective at your job. Remember, there is a fine line between “working hard and hardly working.” Designing a dedicated workspace in your home helps you ignore the everyday household distractions and allows you to focus on work. So if you are looking to build or improve your home workspace, check out all of the Color Lux home office window treatments today!