Gorgeous Window Treatments
for Craftsman Homes

Window Shades for Craftsman Homes

Craftsman homes are a staple of American architecture that emerged between 1900 and 1929. Today more home buyers are drawn to this traditional style featuring natural materials and forms.

American Craftsman style was inspired by the British Arts and Crafts movement, a striking contrast to Europe’s Industrial Revolution. First popular in California and the Midwest, this style quickly stretched across the country. Craftsman-style homes continue to be one of the most sought-after home styles in the United States.

What Makes it a Craftsman Home?

Take a stroll through any 19th-century style neighborhood, and you’ll quickly spot the recognizable characteristics of a Craftsman home.

  • Low-pitched triangular roofs with overhanging eaves
  • Purposely exposed beams, brackets, and rafter tails¬†
  • Large bay or picture windows
  • Immense front porches
  • Original Craftsman homes were commonly painted in earthy tones, but more modern homes are seen in a variety of colors
  • Sash windows on traditional Craftsman homes sometimes feature beautiful stained glasswork

Complete Your Restoration With Craftsman Window Treatments

Window treatments are the perfect solution to your interior design needs. Enhance the charm of your restoration with Craftsman-style window shades with options to fit your taste. Help control light, absorb sound, and add privacy while creating a warm interior to enjoy.

Roller Shades

Shades of the roller variety are traditional to Craftsman window treatments. Roller shades provide a fantastic way to ensure privacy and filter light while allowing the casement around the window to shine. Add motorization options to your roller shades for hard-to-reach windows to create a beautifully functional design.

Frame More Than Windows

Craftsman-style houses feature windows in many unique sizes and shapes. Amplify your home’s character with custom Craftsman window treatments. Showcase wide picture windows or curvaceous oculus gable windows with well-appointed shades available in colors, fabrics, and patterns to suit your aesthetic.

Whether you’re just starting your restoration journey or looking to refresh your Craftsman-style window treatments, finish the look with shade options that transform your 19th-century treasure into a stunning home. Find a Color Lux Dealer to help you find the ideal window solution for your home. Contact a Color Lux dealer near you by clicking here.