9 Farmhouse Kitchen
Window Treatment Ideas

Sheering Shades in farmhouse kitchen

Are you looking to decorate or refurbish your kitchen with a farmhouse style? As the #1 trending decorating style of late, it’s a great new spin on a timeless style that has been around for years. The farmhouse-style kitchen has recently been redefined as a trendy, comfortable, chic way to spruce up the kitchen space. Largely thanks to influencers like Joanna Gaines, the farmhouse design has become a commonplace way to incorporate timeless, rustic elements that never go out of style. Oftentimes, people spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home, so it’s no surprise that homeowners are searching for the perfect way to enhance such an important part of their surroundings. 

There are a number of important factors when it comes to a design, but one of the most important elements to consider is your window treatments. They are a critical part of any room and can transform your space in unimaginable ways. Fortunately, Color Lux is here to help you with farmhouse kitchen window treatments to give your space the upgrade it deserves. 

Getting Started

For your farmhouse-style kitchen, there are a number of details to consider to ensure your redesign goes right. Before you start, consider which windows you want to cover, which functionalities of the windows are important for you, and how focal you want your windows to be to your farmhouse-style kitchen. It’s important to note that well-planned window treatments can be the perfect finishing touch to any farmhouse kitchen, which is why we have compiled a number of farmhouse kitchen window treatment ideas to inspire you today!

A great starting point is to research the various farmhouse kitchen window treatments that are currently available. Blinds, shades, and curtains are a few common window treatments, so the first step is to decide which one is best for your space and its needs. Next, you will need to choose the right colors, fabrics, and patterns that mesh well with the rest of your farmhouse kitchen. You may prefer a soft and understated look or something heavy and bold that helps to make a statement. Farmhouse kitchen window treatments have the potential to offer warmth and an unmatched earthy feel to your space. For that reason, here are some ideas to help you choose the farmhouse kitchen window treatments that are right for you: 

It’s All About the Textures

Something to consider when choosing your farmhouse kitchen window treatments is the use of different textures. Oftentimes, in the farmhouse style, several textures are combined and incorporated to bring a space to life. Simply put, don’t be afraid to mix and match! Some popular textures found in farmhouse kitchen window treatments are wood, metal, cozy textiles, and more. Here are some of our favorites: 

1. Wooden Farmhouse Kitchen Window Treatments

Incorporate an extra touch of wood with wooden window treatments. Whether it’s wooden patterned shades or wood blinds, you can never go wrong with the addition of wood textures in a farmhouse kitchen.   

2. Burlap Window Treatments

Almost nothing says farmhouse like burlap. Bring in this unique texture to your kitchen windows for an unforgettable farmhouse flare. The added pro? Burlap’s neutral color and appearance allows for easy compatibility with other decor in your house, making pairing with existing furniture effortless. So, for ultimate versatility with a vintage look, consider burlap.

3. Simply Sheer Shadings

Keep the room bright and light with sheer shadings. This simple, sophisticated texture allows other elements in the room to shine while still supporting your desired farmhouse look. While we do recommend to go for a more neutral color (gray, brown, beige, etc.), feel free to choose something that best suits you and your home’s personality. Not only do Color Lux sheer shadings complement your home both beautifully and minimalistically, they also provide a ton of functionality, including superior light control and privacy protection.

close up of Sheering Shades in farmhouse kitchen

With Color Lux, you have the opportunity to add some texture with a variety of customizable shades. If you have larger windows in your kitchen, incorporate different textures in your curtain or drape style.  It doesn’t matter which style you choose; there is always a way to mix and match texture to bring your farmhouse style to the forefront. 

Add A Pop of Color

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not make it bright and cheerful? A pop of color is another perfect way to spruce up your kitchen and bring the farmhouse style to life. And, of course, the perfect place to incorporate this pop of color is your farmhouse kitchen window treatments. Choose the color that speaks to you most, and incorporate it into your window treatments. Then, sprinkle in pops of the same color throughout the room to tie the space together. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

4. Go Green With Your Window Treatments

Incorporating plants throughout your kitchen is a perfect way to bring in the farmhouse style. Further this style by matching the green in your plants to a subtle green window treatment, like the one seen here.

Color Lux custom cellular shades (small)

5. Rustic Pops of Color

As we said, a pop of color in the kitchen is always on the menu. Maybe it is a color to match your surrounding decor or a pop of red to match the rustic undertones of a farmhouse style. Either way, you can’t go wrong with color in the kitchen. 

6. Contrast is Key

While a pop of color can go a long way in your farmhouse kitchen window treatments, there are other ways to go too. Oftentimes, farmhouse-style kitchens are filled with bright, white colors throughout. At the same time, contrast is key when it comes to the farmhouse style. Why not bring the contrast in through your windows? Opt for a darker window treatment to contrast the surrounding bright vibrancy of your farmhouse kitchen, like the treatments seen below.

Color Lux custom roller shades

When deciding on your window treatment, consider Roller Shades, as they are a perfect option for farmhouse kitchen window treatments because they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose how you liven up your space with color directly. 

Set the Scene

What better way to bring in a farmhouse style than to set the scene with a pattern or print that brings your design inspiration to the forefront? This is a great way to capture attention and draw the eye to your farmhouse kitchen window treatments that scream “farm-life.” 

7. Printed Sack Inspiration

One specific idea for farmhouse kitchen window treatments is to incorporate printed sacks. Printed sacks are often used throughout the farmhouse style, so why not bring them directly to your windows? This goes hand-in-hand with the burlap texture noted beforehand. It’s a surefire way to bring farmhouse inspiration into your home. 

Additional Helpful Hints To Consider:

9. Size and Shape

Plan ahead of time which windows you want to cover. You will want to know how many window treatments you need and what size each of them is. Do you have any oddly-shaped windows? Are any of the windows in your space tall or hard to reach? Fortunately, it is easy to find what you need with Color Lux, but it is helpful to know these factors in advance. 

10. Functionality 

When choosing the perfect farmhouse kitchen window treatments, consider the functionality aspect that you want them to have. Windows can let in light or filter out unwanted light in your room. There are privacy-blocking options if that is important to you. There are also eco-friendly and child-safe window treatments available with Color Lux. Consider which of these elements you want to incorporate into your home so you can build the treatments that are right for you. 

11. To Automate or Not To Automate

Color Lux even offers motorized window treatments to make your life easier and more convenient than ever. Now that you have the style options down, what other features and benefits are important to you? Learn more about motorized shade options if this is something that may be of interest to you. Who says farmhouse style can’t be futuristic? 

Motorized window shades remote control

Enjoy Your Farmhouse Kitchen Window Treatments In No Time

Decorating your kitchen space doesn’t have to be a challenge. Color Lux has you and your windows covered- literally. Let us help you find the perfect farmhouse kitchen window treatments today!