Blackout Cellular Shades

The Best Blackout Shades for Night Shift Workers

With the new house it was definitely time for upgrading our window coverings. In our old home the master bedroom faced North and a few fabric blackout shades were fairly effective at keeping the home dark most of the day. Additionally at the time Drew was working swing shift, so total darkness was not really necessary to ensure he had a good night sleep.

In the new house our master bedroom faces west. During the mid afternoon the sun coming throughout the windows is BRUTAL. From about 11 am on, the sun streams directly through the front window into headboard. Imagine trying to sleep with all that going on. Right after moving into the new house Drew’s shift moved from swings to graves. One of the top things that make being married to a police officer challenging is learning how to balance his unorthodox work hours against my regular 9 to 5.


Buying New Shades

A Cellular Shade Review

When my husband and I purchased our home back in 2014, I looked at him and thought he was crazy… seven sliding doors!!! I thought they were beautiful, but at the same time I grew slightly anxious about the lack of privacy.

After purchasing a home, it takes time to settle in and make it look cozy. We have lived in our house almost 5 years and we’re still adding decorations and continuing to make improvements, one of those includes hanging window treatments.

Since then we have welcomed our daughter and the way we view our interiors is much different. The primary focus with a toddler in the home is safety, as well as privacy. Remember how I said we have seven sliding doors and lots of windows? That makes childproofing a challenge.

Laura Lee

Kitchen Window Treatments

Color Lux Custom Window Treatments

Window treatments. It always sounded like a term that my parents and their friends talked about. The thought of investing in them seemed too formal and expensive for my taste (or so I thought). I always limited my options to whatever I could find in stock at Target or Lowes – and that my friends was about all the knowledge I had when it came to window treatments.

A few months ago I was excited to be contacted from a well-known company called Color Lux. Color Lux is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial windows treatments. They were excited to share that they were reimagining the world of window fashions. Through the use of technology and innovative design, they have created a new way for homes to incorporate a custom window treatment that is both modern and appealing. When asked if I would be interested in working with them my reaction was immediate – YES YES YES!!!

“When designing for a child’s bedroom, selecting an ideal color palette is key, as it sets the stage for years to come … Color Lux products are my favorite choice.”

– Marni Sugerman, Decorating Den Interiors

“My favorite is the Color Lux cellular shade in linen fabric choice. It is a beautiful fabric cellular shade that truly elevates the basic paper look cellular shade to a soft, high-end look.”

– Michelle Andrick, Designs by M, LLC