Custom Graphic Window Shades

With Color Lux® Custom Graphic Window Shades you can print almost anything on a shade. From logos to personal photos, theme room graphics or advertising for your storefront, anything you envision can be featured on a Color Lux® Custom Graphics Shade.

Bring your Shades to Life!

Color Lux® Custom Graphic Window Shades open up a world of possibilities. Reproduce your favorite paintings, photographs, drawings – just about any graphic you can provide – on your window treatments. Display your kid’s artwork in their room, or grand composite outdoor scenics in the den.

designing your own custom graphic shades online

Choose your Graphic

Your graphic can consist of almost anything. Your business logo, photography, even artwork. Once you have the graphic you want choose between single or double sided printing. Then decided whether you want your graphic facing room side or street side.

Choose your Shade Style

Choose from 3 shade styles for your custom graphic shade. Cellular shades come with a choice of light filtering or room darkening fabrics. Roller & Panel Track Shades offer screen fabrics as well as light filtering and blackout options, so if you want to ensure extra privacy, our custom-printed roller shades offer those capabilities as well.

Pictured: Cellular

default Color Lux cellular shade
motorized roller shade with hand and remote

Choose your Shade Operation

Choose from a variety of operation styles. Including motorization for tall windows, cordless for easy to reach windows or corded for hard to reach windows.

Pictured: Roller with Motorization

see what is possible

Inspiration Gallery

Take inspiration from our gallery of curated photos below. Color Lux custom graphic window shades can be used for storefronts, walkways, bedrooms, and anything and everything in between. Taking inspiration from your own designs, photographs, and drawings, our custom graphic window shades help bring your rooms, and buildings, to life. Options are literally endless, so have no fear getting creative.

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