How to Measure for Sheer Shadings


Measuring for window treatments

Important Measuring Guidelines for Sheer Shadings

Precise width and length measurements are critical. Fabric width cannot be altered after the shading is fabricated. Please use a metal tape measure for accuracy.

The head rail must be installed perfectly level to ensure smooth operation. On an inside mount, it is recommended that you check to see that the mounting surface is level and consistent. If your soffit needs to be leveled, this should be done before measuring.

Color Lux accepts measurements down to 116” increments.

Inside Mount

Measure across the width of your window opening in three different places – top, middle and bottom. Measurements should be taken within the window jamb. Provide the smallest of the three measurements to Comfortex. Be exact.

Color Lux will make the necessary deductions to fit the window opening. Measure the length of the window opening from the underside of the soffit to the surface of the window sill in two places – use the smallest of these two measurements.

Outside or Ceiling Mount

Measure the exact width and length of the area to be covered. On the width, allow at least 1 ” of an overlap on each side. An overlap of 3” on each side is recommended. Be sure to take into consideration any obstructions such as window trim, molding, locks and window cranks.

Side Mount

Side mount is not available with DoorStyles Shadings. Shangri-La may be side mounted using “L” brackets. For side mounts, follow the instructions for inside mounts. An additional  ” will be taken off the standard inside mount deduction to allow room for the “L” brackets. The maximum shading width utilizing the side mount option is 48”.