Are Motorized Shades & Blinds
Really Worth It?

Motorized Shades & Blinds for your home

Are you in the late stages of renovating your home and starting to choose new window treatments? Or perhaps your home is up to date but you’re thinking about installing some smart, technologically-advanced options to make life easier. Some of the fun in redecorating is choosing new, modern fixtures and finishes. What used to be standard, like plastic or metal blinds that you manually open and close has been upgraded. 

Just like any new era of interior design, there are many new, enhanced options for homeowners and the designers that work with them. And it seems that everywhere you look, our lives have become digitized. So, too, are interior design elements. You may have smart thermostats and entertainment devices but did you know that even your window coverings can be more streamlined and modern? 

close up of Sheering Shades in farmhouse kitchen

Reading the latest home blogs anddesign magazines may make you wonder if motorized shades are worth it. After all, you’ve been doing just fine with your standard window coverings right? We’re here to tell you that with themodernization of today’s home, take the next step and invest in motorized shades and blinds. If you’re thinking of making upgrades to your home, this is one area that is sure to impress.

Convenience at Your Fingertips with Motorized Shades & Blinds

The biggest benefit to decide if motorized shades are worth it, is to think of the convenience they allow. From resting on the couch and having to get up to adjust shades that produce glare, to walking from room to room as you leave or come home for the day, motorized window coverings are here to stay. Think of the re-sale value also, when you decide if motorized blinds are worth it. If you were moving into a new home, wouldn’t it be nice if the latest and greatest in efficiency were already installed? Convenience is certainly a top factor in choosing these modern elements of design. With our Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled motorization, you can pair your blinds and shades with your phone or tablet to open and close blinds at your command. Do you have a smart home assistant? These easy to use motorized blinds and shades can even be accessed through your Amazon or Google Home device. Talk about a modern touch!

Motorized Shades & Blinds Make Hard-to-Reach Windows Effortless

Does having high and hard-to-reach windows make having motorized blinds worth it? Yes! You may have skylights, upper-level windows or other hard-to-reach windows that demand the convenience of motorized shades and blinds. No more standing on chairs or pulling a ladder inside. You can simply open and close your blinds with the push of a button. Many people in their golden years just don’t want the daily hassle of adjusting light each morning and night and like the easy, touchless method that motorized blinds and shades bring. They’ve certainly been through the venetian blind and unreliable spring-mounted roller shade days! Knowing that you can update your window treatments for those hard-to-reach areas makes life easier for homeowners of any age. 

Cellular Skylight shades for your living room

The Best House on the Block Is Also the Safest

Sporting the latest in home furnishings and technology creates a “wow” factor among your peers. Sure, you don’t need all the bells and whistles of today’s home, but isn’t it nice to have? Just like you wouldn’t think of building a new home without insulation or central heating, these things were once considered luxuries. Motorized blinds and shades may sound like a luxury, but are more commonplace and expected in up to date homes. When you think of your home’s overall safety, especially if you travel, helps make the decision if motorized shades are worth it. 

Leaving on vacation? The set it and forget it ease of motorized shades and blinds make getting out of town a breeze. You won’t need to worry about whether it looks like your house is unattended when you enable the technology that motorized shades and blinds offer. With your handy app, you simply set your timers to open and close your blinds at different times of the day. Your home will appear lived in and deter burglars because just as wide open blinds at night seem odd, so do completely shut blinds on the front of a house on a beautiful day. And even when you are in town, knowing that your blinds will be conveniently shut when coming home from a late dinner or sports game is reassuring. 

Seamless Design and Safety

Motorized shades and blinds offer a seamless look without any distraction from ugly cords or rods. Your window treatments will easily blend into your interior design for a modern, flush look. If you have little ones running around, the peace of mind from having ultra safe window treatments is another great benefit. They won’t be tempted to play with hanging cords and adjust your blinds if they don’t exist! If you’re a cat owner, here’s another way to keep your furry feline off your window treatments- no cords to pounce on and get tangled in!

Automated Efficiency for Everyday Convenience

Still wondering if motorized blinds are worth it? Just think of the ease of automated timers to open and close your blinds each morning and night. Imagine waking up for the workday with the natural sunlight gently streaming in early in the morning. And then on a sleepy Saturday, getting some extra sleep with your blinds staying shut until a bit later. This automated efficiency of your window treatments opening and closing to control light alone is a reason many of our customers opt for motorized shades and blinds.


Deciding to upgrade your window treatments is a big choice. It doesn’t have to be confusing however. Thinking of the way you go about your days, whether working from home, commuting, or going away on trips, will help you decide if motorized blinds or shades are worth it for the added convenience. And when you’re ready to learn more, we’re here for you. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners choose the right window treatments to suit their lifestyle. We’d love to help you! Click here to find a certified Color Lux dealer near you.